After the digital launch of the new product that Euroquip was going to distribute, NRGkick, a smart charging cable for electric cars, we got the old website ready. By equipping the tailor-made website with the latest technologies, a solid foundation is now ready, focused on SEO and speed.

- webdesign
- web development
- product launch
- digital marketing

Website refresh.

The old website was completely rebuilt from the ground up so that we could use the latest technologies and make the CMS more user-friendly. Here too, all content is created from the website, such as realizations and news, making it easy to share on the various social media channels.
Website refresh.

Digital product launch.

For Euroquip's newest venture, EV-quip, we worked out a complete plan to bring the smart charging cable to the digital market. With the help of our own website, integrated webshop including online payment system and some well thought-out digital campaigns, we were able to reach more than 250,000 people every month.

Digital marketing.

To send the new product into the digital world as quickly as possible, we set up a few targeted campaigns via various social media channels and Google, resulting in a flood of website visitors! With the help of a tight schedule and constant presence on the social media channels, we were able to convert "early doubters" into early adopters.
Digital marketing.