Electro Gero

Electro Gero

To provide the professional craftsmanship of Electro Gero with an equally professional digital signboard, we designed and programmed a tailor-made new website. The various electronic services that the company offers are presented in a well-arranged manner and new realizations can be added within a few clicks via the user-friendly CMS. The visitor can even choose to read the website in "light" or "dark" mode, a unique interactivity that is guaranteed to leave an impression.

- webdesign
- webdevelopment
- digital launch

Unique web design.

We thought completely out of the box for this assignment. No standard menu at the top but an unobtrusive, subtle navigation on the left with the option to read the entire website in either light or dark mode. The fresh web design in combination with the professional and personal photography ensures a reliable-looking whole.
Unique web design.
Key visual with 3D design.

Key visual with 3D design.

As an offline marketing tool, a key visual was designed that appeals to the imagination. The lamp and construction around it were fully developed in 3D and then digitally manipulated and merged with other photos to create a striking whole.

Teaser launch website.

To create hype around the launch of the new website, we designed this teaser for the various social media channels and a targeted mail campaign to Electro Gero's regular customers.