BK Concept

BK Concept

As a pillar in the digital landscape, we assist BK Concept in the field of various websites and digital marketing. With a continuous flow of updates and optimizations to the website(s) in combination with our hands-on digital marketing, we ensure extremely good digital visibility.

- webdesign
- web development
- digital marketing
- photography

A modern keyvisual.

The following keyvisual was designed to translate the various services and the real craftsmanship of BK Concept into one image. This light, dreamlike "cloud" encompasses almost all the specialties the company has to offer.
A modern keyvisual.
Inspirational webdesign.

Inspirational webdesign.

In order to display this cluster of knowledge in a user-friendly way, we have chosen to divide everything neatly into larger categories, namely techniques, finishing, bathroom renovations and wellness. The continuous monthly blogs and regular new photos of realizations ensure that the website remains dynamic.

Digital marketing.

The constant stream of new content on the website, such as realizations and blogs, can be perfectly used as posts on the various social media channels. On top of this, we maintain various campaigns on both social media and Google.