Responsive webdeisgn, met de nadruk op snelheid en vindbaarheid in zoekmachines zoals Google search


What is the main purpose of your website? Indeed: increase returns! That is exactly what a custom Devenox website does for your company or organization. We optimize the findability, speed and ease of use of your website. Result: more visitors, which results in more customers!
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Your company is evolves. Our marketing strategies follow the dynamics of your company. By fine-tuning all content on your websites and on social media, we ensure that your potential customers actually knock on your door.
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Devenox is a trustworthy partner in the digital landscape. We seamlessly place the identity, vision and mission of your company in the market. With our effective branding, your brand name is rock solid!
Website BK Concept

Project: website & advertisingBK Concept

Business is going well for bathroom, renovation and wellness specialist BK Concept from Bocholt. Our marketing support undoubtedly has something to do with that! Both the website and the marketing campaigns are our work… and that brings returns!
Website Euroquip

Project: website & advertisingEuroquip

Our specialists designed a brand new website for Euroquip. Consequence? The findability and speed skyrocketed. In this way, we immediately laid a solid foundation for rolling out further digital marketing strategies.
Website Geunes & Gijbels verzekeringen

Project: website & advertisingGeunes & Gijbels verzekeringen

This trendy insurance office in Pelt gave us carte blanche… an ideal opportunity to showcase our professionalism and effectiveness! Logo, website, branding… our expertise now makes the difference for them every day.
Website Tools & Technics Houben

Project: website & advertisingTools & Technics Houben

As a known name in the metalworking sector, TTH has little to learn about their core business. Their online presence? It was due for an update. Devenox catapulted this rock-solid company into the 21st century with a new logo, a new house style, a new folder and a new website. The message is now highly topical, consistent and effective. Mission accomplished!
Website Hamofa Performance

Project: website & advertisingHamofa Performance

One aspect is of course decisive for a chip tuning website: speed. The search function of Hamofa Performance, one of the largest chip tuners in Belgium, now goes smoothly through the sound barrier. Combined with our targeted campaigns, this results in an impressive conversion!
Website Electro Gero

Project: website & advertisingElectro Gero

Electro Gero is a specialist in the field of electrical installations. Impeccable service and user experience are their absolute core values. This is now fully supported with a website that distinguishes itself in terms of interactivity and professional design. The smooth user experience impresses from the first click.
Website RS Car Cleaning

Project: website & fotografieRS Car Cleaning

The core task of a car care clinic? It's all about the looks of course! We were commissioned to convert their high-end images into an eye-catching, reliable and responsive website. RS Car Cleaning got a website to dream of!
Website Hamofa Logistics

Project: website & advertisingHamofa Logistics

A brand that can be labeled as noblesse oblige in its sector, of course, does not need a new story. Hamofa Logistics, however, needed a refresh of the corporate identity and website. Devenox blew a new wind through their fire experience.
Website Les Cheveux

Project: websiteLes Cheveux

With the transition to their new location, it was time for the website to get a makeover. In order to present the luxury and careful advice of these experts in a modern way, we created a unique tailor-made website.

Why chooseDevenox digital excellence?

Devenox is a small but growing team of professionals who are 100% committed to helping customers grow. Our far-reaching dedication quickly put us on the map as a renowned player in the field of custom web design. Premade packages are not for us. So no wordpress or other mass production here; each website is uniquely designed for the individual customer.
An elegant webdesign is of course important, but by no means should be the only focus. Our experts constantly keep their knowledge up-to-date. Only in this way can we continue to innovate with the strongest codes and applications. For us, it's all about writing your consistent, effective and unique digital story. Professional, responsive websites are of course part of this, but our expertise extends much further than just website design and management. We also make digital marketing, photos, videos and even drone recordings in-house. It is this total package that invariably provides us with sustainable partnerships that benefit all parties.
What we mainly do is offer support at all digital aspects of your company. We do not take this privileged insight into the ins and outs of your organization lightly. If desired, we are happy to think along about which strategies, actions and/or projects best serve your goals. Thanks to our direct, transparent approach, you always know exactly what to expect.
Devenox digital excellence as your partner?

Devenox Creative Drone Teamthe sky has no limits!

Pushing boundaries is deeply embedded in our DNA. That is why we started with the Devenox Creative Drone Team in July 2021. The target? Use all perspectives to boost your brand and online presence with professional drone photos and videos.
Literally 'free as a bird', we flawlessly highlight the assets of your organization in a way that immediately radiates professionalism, innovation and trust. In combination with the impressive web design and the effective marketing, we help you grow your business.